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XcreenKey 1.5 - Software Keyboard for Mac OS X - Leopard Compatible!

Perfect match for the 2007 tablet ModBook & Alumnium Macs!

New in Version 1.5

  • Improved compatibiltiy with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
  • High resolution icon to work with Cover Flow in Leopard Finder

  • Automatic Transparent Keyboard  Although XcreenKey always stays on top of all windows for your convenience, you can set XcreenKey to Auto-Transparent Mode so that XcreenKey switches itself to semi-transparent when you move your cursor away from it. You can thus immediately read screen contents underneath without moving XcreenKey around.

    Three Different Modes  You can change XcreenKey to three different modes:

  • Full keypad mode
  • Character keypad mode
  • Numeric keypad mode

  • Kiosk Ready  XcreenKey comes with an administrator utility. Kiosk administrator can use the utility to disable special functions of XcreenKey:

  • Deactivate modifier keys such as Command, Option, Control
  • Restrict keypad mode switching and assign default mode
  • Restrict user access to Settings options
  • Restrict user from quitting XcreenKey

  • For example, you may disable the "Command" key so that public users cannot control your kiosk applications.

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