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Tired of manually lowering your headphone volume when someone talks to you?

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Here are some situations you might find Xmart Volume useful:

Xmart Volume turns down your headphone volume when someone (e.g. your colleague or boss...) talks to you.

Although not guaranteed, Xmart Volume reduces your chance of missing important announcement when you are enjoying a movie or iTune on your MacBooks while waiting for a flight in airport.

What does Xmart Volume do?

To put it simple, Xmart Volume utilizes the built-in mic of your Mac or iSight to perform automatic volume control for you.

It actively “listen” to the environment sound level. It turns down your headphone volume when it detects any sound which is louder than the background noise. 


  1. Smart Active Volume Control

  2. Environment sound level monitoring

  3. Background noise level adaptation

  4. Native interface

System Requirements

  1. Macs with built-in microphones or iSight

  2. Macs with headphone output

  3. MacOS X Snow Leopard 10.6.6

  4. Intel Processor

Xmart Volume does this automatically for you!

It even restores your headphone volume after the conversation!

What other people say...

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“... too innovative and useful tools.... Xmart is just a tool any traveler would love... hatsoff to the idea and simplicity..”

- Sharath Palavalli

“Are Macs are slowly becoming self aware...”

- Rods76

“... Never miss another phone call with your headphones on again. Just one awesome use amongst many! Plus, when my 4 year old says, "I got to go potty!" I hear it. Priceless.”

- revjeff1