XcreenKey Verti 2.0
Software Keyboard for Mac OS X
New to XcreenKey Verti 2.0 is the professional HUD Interface; making the stylish software keyboard undoubtedly amongst the best looking keyboards for Mac OS X!
New in Version 2.0 - Professional HUD Interface
Probably the majority of software keyboard users are...... people who prefer to stick one hand with the mouse (or tablet pen) while holding a nice cup of coffee, or holding their head in place with the other hand.
Why Software Keyboard?
QWERTY Alternative
  1. Mac OS 10.4.9 (Intel or PPC)
  2. “Right clickable” mouse OR “Right clickable” tablet pens*
  3. (e.g. Might Mouse or Wacom tablet pens with “right” buttons)
System Requirements
our XcreenKey or XcreenKey Chameleon. And just like XcreenKey Verti, they are probably among the nicest looking software keyboard available for Mac!
*  If you don’t have right clickable device, please consider
XcreenKey Verti has been “crafted” in vertical shape. With simple wrist movement, you can fly your cursor through all the vertically aligned keys, especially if you are using tablet pen.
If, however, you have been too used to the “QWERTY” layout, you can also take a look at